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Meet Don Beard


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Meet Don Beard

Being the son of farmers, I was raised that you must work hard and that there are a lot of ups and downs, that bring you to harvest time, that is when you reap the rewards of hard your work. I mirror this model into real estate, it is more similar than I think a lot of people recognize.

I work with many people like you, and I treat my clients as people. You will have real feelings, real concerns, real emotions, real questions and it could be your greatest life investment.

I embraced real estate in January 2011, after being laid off by the 'man,’ and never looked back. Starting in the rental field, while obtaining my broker's license, with Sohail Salahuddin. I have been given the great opportunity to be the Buyer's agent for Sohail, since we moved to At Properties, in January 2014. Some people balk at working in the rental industry, it prepared me for working with everyone from renters to investors. Many of my renters are now my buyers. Many of my landlord clients buy/sell buildings and count on my guidance. It is a great responsibility and pleasure to be able to work with such a diversity.

I will work for you whether you want to rent a $500 apartment or purchase/sell million dollar properties, and I don't deviate from being me. Don't expect a suit, expect a person.

Your real estate needs are not about me; I am just the catalyst to getting you there. I love when you don't like a home, building, apartment. Elimination is the only way you find what you are looking for. I will be your champion and I am not afraid to walk away from a deal if that is what needs or should be done. It is not about me.

Our team and partners are fantastic to work with, perhaps you should get to know us.