Is it too late to buy or sell real estate this year? Not at all, and here’s why.


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It’s hard to believe that we’re already well into November. Now that we are, though, many are curious as to what this means for our real estate market. After all, history shows that seasonality does play a part in market activity. The truth of the matter is that while fewer real estate sales tend to take place in winter, the ones that do present some unique advantages for the buyers, sellers, and investors behind them. In the summer months, traditionally one of the hottest times of year for real estate, the market is flooded with “looky-loo” buyers who are more interested in window shopping than striking a deal. In the winter months, buyers and sellers are more serious. December is one of the busiest months for closings, so if you’re thinking of making a move, please reach out so we can help.


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