Here’s how to narrow your home search into a reasonable time frame.


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Today I’m joined once more by my colleagues Don Beard and Greg Mazalewski to answer another all-important homebuyer question: How many properties do you need to see? 


There’s no way of knowing how many you’ll need to see before you find the one you want. It may very well be the first or second one. When shopping for homes, you may think that seeing five in one day isn’t a lot, but after the third or fourth showing, it’s easy to mix them up. 


That’s why Don tells his buyers to give each home a name, and that they can’t buy one until they start eliminating others. After each showing, they have to decide whether the home is on the list of candidates to buy or not and start comparing the ones that are. According to Don, “You have to eliminate to find.” In other words, if you have seven houses you like, it’s much harder to decide which one you want. 


If you’d like more tips on finding the right property or have any other real estate questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to help.