Meet Ilona, who is on Sohail’s real estate TEAM! You can contact Ilona directly at 773-671-5191!

-Why real estate? When did you know you wanted to become an agent?

I use to work for a big corporation for awhile. Didn’t like the environment and decided move on to the real estate filed. 

-What was your first job as a licensed agent?

A real estate broker at Betancourt realty. 

-Are you a full-time agent or part time?

Part time

What is your experience and education? 

I moved form Europe 16 years ago.  Have  bachelor degree in art. 

-Which neighborhoods do you primarily work in?

I primarily work in the city and west suburbs. 

-How many clients are you currently representing?

I’m new in this field. Learning and trying to build up my own clientele. 

-Do you like working in a team setting? Why or Why not?

I like to work on a team because it helps me to get into real estate field smoothly and gives me on opportunity to learn from experienced people.

-Do you enjoy being a real estate agent? I do.

-What is your favorite part of being an agent? I like to interact with different people every day and have a flexible schedule.

-What is your least favorite part of being an agent? Don’t like when deals fall through…