What do you think a Realtor’s job involves? Today I’m explaining how it’s partially concerned with helping people “let go.”


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As a successful Realtor, my job is not only to get the property sold, but it’s also to get through to the seller and enable them to let go of the property (i.e., to release their emotional attachment to their property). 


What stops most people from moving forward to the next phase of their life, whether that may involve purchasing or selling something, is usually one of two things.



Attachments are almost always emotional, not logical.


The first is an attachment. This may mean an attachment to a certain price, or a sentimental attachment to a home, but either way, it’s inhibiting their progress. They are almost always emotional, not logical. 


The second is paralyzing fear of a certain undesirable, worst-case scenario outcome. As a buyer or as a seller, your goal should be to think about the process a little more logically. 


Sometimes, success in real estate hinges not on your agent or current market conditions, but on what’s going on in your head. Approaching transactions with a healthy mindset will likely lead one of your biggest real estate breakthroughs. 


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