Commission in real estate is a tricky subject, but today I’m tackling it.


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The commission in a real estate transaction has always been an issue, and likely will always be an issue. Many real estate agents will reduce their commission to get your business but then do less work on your behalf. However, I want to make it clear that commission is actually not the problem here. The issues most sellers have are the plan, agent, and sometimes the market itself. 


If you have an excellent agent, they’ll guide you and provide the marketing, exposure, and leverage to get your home sold. However, if you don’t see value in a particular agent, don’t hire them. If an agent is going to cut their commission, you could just do it all yourself. They won’t work hard for you.


If you don’t see value in a particular agent, don’t hire them.


Focus on hiring an agent you feel confident in and who will get your house sold. Hard work from an agent will overcome all the problems—commission won’t. The 1% or 2% you think you’re gaining will actually hurt you 90% of the time. 


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