Here’s why it’s so important to be able to work with experts.


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In today’s message, we’re joined once again by John Voutiritsas, the Sohail Real Estate Group’s go-to attorney, to explain the importance of helping clients understand the difference between expectations and realities in the home-buying process. Especially when working with first-time buyers, it’s critically important to have the right attorney and lender in your corner; you need to be able to rely on professionals who have been perfecting their craft for quite some time—not your uncle Sal, who’s only managed to close one deal. To hear our full discussion, watch this short video above. 


If you have any real estate law questions for John, just give him a call at 773-968-9170. With general real estate-related questions, concerns, or comments, reach out to us here at The Sohail Real Estate Group anytime; we’d love to assist you with your buying or selling needs, or simply be a resource for the market knowledge you need.