As a buyer, don’t sabotage yourself by making too many seller requests.


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Today our go-to attorney John Voutiritsas is back to discuss how buyers may sabotage themselves in a real estate negotiation.


In this real estate market, many buyers will sabotage themselves by making too many requests. They may have heard from their aunt Sally that they can ask for anything and they should get it. For example, they may press for a $10,000 credit when the seller is clearly saying they won’t be paying that. The buyer will walk away from the deal, then call us back a week later asking if they can go back to that deal, but by then it’s too late.



Many buyers will sabotage themselves by making too many requests.



You need to know the limits, and only focus on major issues because if you take it too far, you’ll likely lose out on the home. Ask your real estate agent for advice about how far to push for what you want. It’s crucial to control your emotions during the real estate process.


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