These are the areas around Chicago that hold great opportunities.


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Today I’m sharing some areas that I believe will have excellent opportunities to buy in the near future. It’s also likely the properties in these areas will appreciate in value. You can always find areas where little seeds have been planted, and those areas start to develop and blossom.


Chicago: Dunning and Montclair will be exceptional neighborhoods to purchase in soon. The values are appreciating as more people move to the more expensive, higher taxed areas.


North Shore: Skokie will certainly appreciate; it’s diverse, property taxes are low, and the number of sales there has been growing and growing. 


All these areas are going to be stellar purchases.


Northwest suburbs: There are a couple of areas that people don’t often think about, but they’re starting to come back into play. Elk Grove Village and Schaumburg are two wonderful locales.


Western suburbs: This is a large area, and there are many opportunities in some parts as we move further west. There are opportunities in the Oak Brook area (not the luxury market, however), Elmwood Park will be appreciating in the next five to 10 years, and Western Springs is another superb locale. 


All these areas are going to be stellar purchases, and if you live in them now, you may want to hold onto your house for the next five to 10 years as the market recovers.


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