The latest news about the shifting Chicagoland real estate market.

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We’re currently experiencing a market shift. While it may sound appealing to try to sell your home on your own, having a professional on your side is now more important than ever. Here are the top reasons why you want to hire an agent, especially now that we're in a shifting market: 


1. Your agent can help you navigate through the market. Whether there's low inventory, rising interest rates, or an economic downturn, you need an expert who works in the field and has local market knowledge to help you sell successfully.


2. Real data. Most people get their data from the news, but the media is known to distort and exaggerate information. The news is also typically on a national level. However, you're buying real estate locally and not nationally, so you need hyperlocal data. 

"An agent can help you stay logical."


3. An agent helps you understand real estate laws and information. An agent can help you make sense of the laws and information involved in real estate transactions as you deal with an attorney or lender. 


4. You will have an expert to communicate with throughout the process. A great agent can help you stay non-emotional and logical. Emotions can cloud your logical thinking, making the home buying or selling process personal rather than transactional.


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